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Baylor University
Course Evaluations


"His energy transformed the students and especially me since I noticed myself becoming more and more excited to attend class."

"He is well educated on the subject, well spoken, and an absolute ray of sunshine."

"Students can see the passion that Rob has for this art every single day."

"...impressive knowledge over the subject matter... astounding stage presence..."

"Rob is hilarious and is so devoted to his practice... definitely caught the attention of the students and inspired them to be more outgoing and involved in class."

Improv student evaluations

"Rob was an incredible teacher who made improv, which at first seemed really scary and intimidating to me, super accessible and fun. I’m super grateful for having the chance to be his student for both introducing me to this awesome hobby and also for boosting my confidence in a way that touched many other areas of my life." - Lee S.

"I just finished teaching a songwriting workshop for a major company... and I drew heavily upon the tools I learned in your class. The lessons that you taught in order to help us develop quick thinking on our feet and being vulnerable really came to fruition as I prepared and delivered my presentation... the workshop was a huge success and I know that it was in no small part a result of the confidence I developed under you..." - Trevor P.

"His suggestions not only worked for me in the improv context but also helped me in dealing with life situations in general and improved my range of humor. He is a great teacher and I am really glad I took improv under him." - Vish C.

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